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Olle Swets - 21 / Jul / 2021

El Pàges Content Tinto by La Salada with Côte de Boeuf and Summer Vegetables

El Pàges Content Tinto by La Salada with Côte de Boeuf and Summer Vegetables

A barbecue recipe of De Wijnboer by Olle Swets and Charlotte Marres

A Côte de boeuf from a good source can be magically delicious, but meat from a factory is terrible. I think we should always buy only the meat we would like to eat for our last supper. Once a month, a delicious ribeye from that class butcher, instead of cut-price meat three times a week. We found our piece of meat after a few rounds in the butchers' stalls on the market in Vilanova. The thick, deep red, marbled Côte beef smiled at us. We bought two large pieces of two kilos.

The wine match 
We really like Pages Content Tinto 2019 from La Salada with this recipe. Because Pages Content is made from both red (mostly Sumoll) and white (mostly Xarel-lo and Macabeo) it beautifully combines tannins with fresh acidity. The result is a juicy and soft red wine that we like to drink slightly chilled.  

6 large red and yellow peppers
A handful of green and red peppers 
Approximately 1½ kilo of peas in the pod, or 500 grams of shelled peas 
300 grams of whole almonds
Clot of butter
1 bunch of mint
1 bunch of parsley
Extra virgin olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
Freshly ground black pepper and sea salt
1 ½ kilo of cote de boeuf on the bone
1 bunch of thyme
100 grams of butter
1 bottle of El Pàges Content Tinto by La Salada 

Also required
Grill grid or plancha
A large mixing bowl with a lid (or a large plate that fits on the pan)
Deep pan
A sieve
Aluminium foil
A chopping board and a sharp knife

Place the peppers and chillies on the grill. When the peppers have blackened all around, remove them from the fire and place them in a bowl with a lid on top. The skins will then steam off the flesh, and after 10 minutes you can easily remove them. 

Tear the peppers and paprikas open lengthwise over the bowl and collect the liquid. Pull out the seeds and discard them, together with the stem. Rub the skin off the outside, cut the peppers into finger-sized pieces and put them back in the bowl of liquid. 

Put a pan of salted water on the fire and add the (shelled) peas as soon as the water boils. Let them boil for 2 minutes, then drain them. Let them washout on a sieve or grid.

Roast the almonds in the pan with a knob of butter. Then roughly chop them. Chop the mint and parsley finely. Now you can mix the peppers and peas with the mint, parsley and almonds. Season with olive oil, lemon juice, pepper and salt. 

Grease the Côte de Boeuf with olive oil and sprinkle generously with sea salt. Make sure you have a thick layer of glowing coals under your grill. You should not be able to keep your hand above the grid for more than 4 seconds. Place the meat with a bunch of thyme on top of the grill until the meat releases itself from the grill, then turn it over and grill the other side for another 5 to 7 minutes. Cook for another 5 to 10 minutes on the side of your grill until the outside feels firm like the palm of your hand. Wrap the meat in aluminium foil and leave to rest for at least another 10 minutes. Decorate the plates with a generous spoonful of the vegetables. Cut the cote de boeuf crosswise into slices about ½ cm thick. Give everyone a couple of slices and wrap the meat again to keep it warm.

Serve the plates, pour yourself and your friends a glass of Pages Content and indulge!

Curious about this wine? We will open some bottles of La Salada to taste on Saturday the 24th of July at De Wijnwinkel!