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17 / Mar / 2022

Radikon 'S line' Tasting 19th of March

Radikon 'S line' Tasting 19th of March

This Saturday we will open two bottles of Radikon (S-line) for you to try!
Find one of our recipes from De Wijnboer, so you will know what to cook with a good glass of Radikon.


The wines of Radikon are well known for their eccentric character. It was Stanko Radikon who created this style in the early ’90’s. He wanted to make wine in the most natural way possible. The skins of the white grapes where kept in the wine during fermentation. In this way, you will get colour and a natural preservative, coming from the tannins. Because of the tannins there is less need to add sulfite, or as minimum as possible.

Saša Radikon, the son of Stanko, suddenly had to take over the winery after his father passed away (September 2016). He grew up with his fathers’ philosophy of wine making, which we now know as orange wine. Next to the classic wines of his father, who macerated with the skins for around 6 months, Saša started to make a new, more approachable line of wines. With only 10 days of skin maceration, he launched a new series of wines, labelled ‘S’ for Sasa. The wines are still one of a kind, but contain less tannin and are easier to drink.  

Slatnik is one of the two seducers (the other is SIVI, made of pinot grigio). The wine is rich and exciting, made of chardonnay and tokaj friulano. We think of linguine alle vongole when opening this bottle because the salty and creamy flavours go hand in hand with a rich wine like this.
Read our recipe down below.


Ingredients: (6 pers)

500 gr of linguine
Extra virgin olive oil 
2 garlic cloves, sliced
1 kg of vongole
A splash of Slatnik Radikon (or another white wine)
A hand full of parsley, finely cut
1 lemon, sliced in 4

A sieve
A pan to cook pasta
A steel sauté pan 

Bring a large pan of water to the boil and cook the linguine according to the directions. Take the linguine out of the water and let it drain. Keep some of the cooking liquid and throw away the rest. Put the linguine back in the pan with a good drizzle of olive oil. Heat some olive oil in a large, steel sauté pan, stir in the garlic and sauté. Just before it starts to turn brown, add the vongole. Pour in some white wine and wait till the shells open. Remove the vongole that remain closed. Sprinkle a hand full of chopped parsley over the vongole. Stir in the linguine and add the cooking liquid you put aside to make it creamy. Serve the linguine on a nice plate with a slice of lemon.

After reading this mouth-watering recipe, we hope you will go to the market this Saturday to buy some vongole. We’ll see you afterwards when passing by our store to try the bottles of Radikon to go for the full experience.