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GDPR / AVG / Privacy

Any personal data you provide may be stored on our secured server for administrative purposes, billing and shipping. 


Only in case of subscription to our newsletter will we send you unsolicited emails. Unsubscribing to our newsletter can be done by clicking the link at the bottom of each email. We use Mailchimp for all our newsletters, and they take your privacy seriously. Read about Mailchimp's policy here. Only your name and email address will be known to Mailchimp.

Hosting / security

Our website is hosted by the Lightspeed company. Any data you provide us with will stay on their protected servers until you ask us to remove it / correct it. You may at any time ask us for an overview of data gathered by us and/or Lightspeed, which we will provide as quickly as we can. In light of the data portability act we will provide the data required by you in a convenient manner. Simply email us at 

Want to know more about Lightspeed's policy for processing and protecting your personal information? Please klick here (it's in Dutch, though).

Third parties

Excepting Mailchimp and Lightspeed your data will not be shared with third parties. We have a processor-agreement with Lightspeed. 


We use Google Analytics to track our site performance. Information that may derived from your IP-address & online behavior when visiting our site is used by us for the purpose of improving our online communication. The information gathered by us through Google Analytics will in no case be made available to third parties. 

In case of security breach

Should any of your personal data be made accessible to third parties through a breach in online security we will notify you to the best of our ability within 72 hours.